Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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1. I have signed up but every time I try to login it says:

Your account has been disabled.

Please contact a administrator for more details
ANSWER: If you have a brand new account it means you have not verified you account. Upon signing up you were email an activation URL. If you failed to receive this or accidentaly overlooked it please contact the webmaster from the email address you signed up with and supply him with your username and ask him to activate your account.

Also when you change your email address you will have to reactivate your account. This is to ensure you are using a valid email address.

If you are not a new member and haven't tried to change your email address your account has been disable and is pending investigation. It may or may not be reinstated depending on the findings of the investigation.
Contact the Webmaster for Help:
2. When I try to login I always get this message:

Username specified doesn't exist.

Possible reasons: (a) Account username entered was mis-spelled (b)Account hasn't been created (c) Account was deleted
Please contact a administrator to find out why
ANSWER: If you signed up and activated your account then you are either mispelling your username or accidentally using your display name as your user name. Refer back to the first email we sent you. It will show you the correct username and casing it should be typed in.
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3. I can't remember my passwod, what should I do?
ANSWER: Contact the webmaster with this issue and he will assit you. We are in the process of creating a form for retrieving your password. Though do to security reasons we will have to generate you a new password and disable your account until you reactivate it.
Contact the Webmaster for Help:

Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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