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33 Years old

Single and Happy

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Nov 11 2005 - 10:21AM
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Oct 14 2005 - 9:27PM
PatWhite Says:
Yea,.. Im 21 years old.. ummm my name is Pat,

I love playing soccer and hanging out with friends. Going to the beach, I love the water! I love good conversation and I have an apreciation for art of any kind. I love to relax with a good book, or music, music is amazing!!!

Im Pat. Im a Virgo.

Im short with blue eyes and brown with Blond.Red streaked hair.Yep. Im just that cool.

I go to Langara College, I am a first year Recreation student, taking my Recreation Diploma

I have a crazy personality. I have a great sense of humor. I love making people laugh. I also love listening to other people laugh, then commenting on how funny their laugh is.

I love to play jokes/pranks on people. Cuz Im just me.Yep.

I can be crazy and stupid at the same time. My brain hurts when I think.. Oh man... I think an Earthquake is coming! (Jeez. Aren't I ridiculous?).

I just turned 21, which is awesome!

My mom just got married on September 3rd... I am sooo super happy for her!!!!!

I FINALLY moved out of my parents place... Its about flipping time.

I LOVE music!! cant live without it!! Its soooo awesome!!

I dont drive which kinda sucks.but then again. I dont want to deal with the Bullshit SkyHigh Gas prices.Insurance.Wondering if your gonna hit someone or not. Or just the fact that parents want us to be responsible.

*- Soccer!!!!! its the best!
*-Mia Familia!
*-My friends!Steve, Shannan::::: (TuNa HeLpEr baby!!)
*-The Beach! It rawks!!! :clap:
*-Work, seriously I have the most 2 awesome jobs ever!
*-SLEEP!!!!! Don't we all love sleep?
*-My bed, its blue and very comfy
*-Pizza!! Mia Italiano!
*-Bacardi Breezers: Grapefruit is my favorite!!
*-Partyin' it up with my friends! Good times all! :gjob:
*-Movies, then commenting on how stupid, lame or funny they were afterwards
*-Lots of other things that I cant think of at the momento

Thats it i guesss!!!

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