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30 Years old

Single and Happy

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Dec 15 2009 - 6:09PM
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Oct 31 2005 - 11:48AM
xxcyanidexx Says:
yeah,, hey im linzi,, im not on here very often cuz i seem to get strange messages from strange people on here

im gonna make this short and sweet

likes....punk.. ( real punk,, no billy talent) metal, grunge, piercings, silent sam , captain morgans, booze in general, some tattoos ( too many people have the same tattoos, which kinda defeats the purpose), horror movies, concerts, theres more but as i said,, this is going to be short

dislikes.... small cars, rap, skanks, "pimps", people who think drugs are cool, spiders, the fact that creepy people are drawn towards me lol,,, and again,, theres more i dislike but hey,, this will have to do

and since im on here rarely,, u can feel free to look at my nexopia profile.,, xxlinzixx its even more exhilerating then this profile yes,, i know wut ur thinking, , if its more exciting then this awesome profile.. it must be pretty fukin sweet lol,,

anyways,, good day

and i know this wolf doesnt really fit into anything but i saw it and couldnt stop laughing,,so i decided to share,, being as nice as i am

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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