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I'm inherently moral to the point of ambiguity but accepting of other views. I am not a morning person. Sometimes I question whether I am a person at all. I'm hopelessly romantic and equally jaded. I'm humble, willing to compromise and right all the time.

I find being near water or preferably swimming or cooking to be soothing.

I am a knowledge sponge.

In my spare time I judge pro BBQ competitions, play German strategy board games, samples the beers and wines of the world, study Xing Yi, read everything, and ponder the human ways to rid the world of our current blight, the apathetic uber rich.

In my not so spare time I work almost full time for the tech industry helping companies create tiny machines to replace you at your current job and attend culinary school on a full time basis.

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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