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Hey there I'm Bonnie and I one day plan to rule the world because, well, I rule. I am a 16 year old single Capricorn female from Abbotsford that is extremely sexy but, way too punk for you. My favorite hobbies consist of hating things, being angry, playing bass guitar, long walks on the beach, sex and reading. My favorite bands are NOFX, Blink-182, The Sex Pistols, AFI, MSI, The Misfits and many more. I go to Abby Senior Secondary School and I'm in ISP 10, which I love, its just so fun in there all the time. I would have to say the 'perfect' guy for me would be a little punk rocker thats secretly emo and has adorable brown eyes. But thats just me. Anyhow message me if you want to meet up or something..

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