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Doctor Tiki
39 Years old

Single and Happy

Last logged in
Feb 6 2005 - 2:59PM
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Jan 31 2005 - 10:43PM
Doctor Tiki Says:
I enjoy watching punch-ups at weddings, and disco dancing in cloud fucking cuckoo land. So, for all the tea in china I will have a quiet doze and sing a song of sixpence that goes...

i seem to like uninvited appearances at west vancouver yacht club socials, drunkenly calling the boss 'a hypocrite, opportunist' at christmas parties, making out on verandas, grass-stains, and skinny dipping... manic street preachers, mogwai, faithless, hope of the states, the rapture, interpol, the beta band, air, talk talk, joy division, new order, underworld, doves, pulp, ben watt, digable planets, ozomatli, the streets, radiohead, coldplay, super furry animals, aereogramme, massive attack, organized konfusion, a tribe called quest, dj shadow, the cure, elbow, grandaddy, and happy mondays. miles davis, mozart, and dean martin. mulholland drive, lost highway, thin red line, baraka, rear window, vertigo, the sting, the dancer upstairs, narc, the english patient, kill bill, and lately... a very long engagement. sunshine, and head in the clouds. i am looking forward to the new world, kingdom of heaven, amityville horror, and charlie and the choclate factory... huzzah. animal farm, herodotus the histories, the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde, walden pond, 1984, doors of perception, any ernest hemmingway and graham greene.

i'm 6'5, vegetarian, artist. huzzah.

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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