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33 Years old

Single and Happy


Last logged in
Feb 15 2007 - 12:59AM
Joined on
Feb 6 2005 - 10:03PM
The*Cure Says:
To avoid complications, I never keep the same address....

*i have to much time on my hand
*i love watching cartoons and seshing<3
*im an's a beautiful way... BEAUTIFUL way
*I don't care about money, I just want to be wonderful
*iam listening to Deftones right now
*Im not sober all the time
*i wish

Random things I like<3
seshing::purple::snow::vampires::ANGER::late nights:::sluts::disgusting things::masterbating furiousy::cats::insomnia::singing:::
::magic, beating hearts, naps, being drunk for days on end, the smell after sex, March of the Penguins<3, funny anything, quotes... screaming to my favorite songs..
Angry lovers make me happy!!
I love unicorns::My record player and collection of records.::metal.::drugs::eggnog:::snow:::perverts::writing :: sleeping:::friends::pills::stars::laughing so hard my solarplex hurts:::my family<3:: ::headphones ::: ghosts:::moving::carntoons::

a few bands i worship
head automatica<;3,my chemical romance, the used, blink, the cure, AFI, HIM, Bright Eyes, ataris, dashboard, mariah carey, jannarden, jewel, offspring, led zep, rolling stones, loverboy, joan jett, cyndi lauper,the kinks,sniff'n the tears, blondie, alice cooper, bon jovi, beastie boys, live, cheap trick, oasis, wallflowers, eric clapton, alanis, usher, lucky boys confusion, city and colour, coheed and cambria, aspiring musicans, deftones, tool, NIN, nekromantics, CKY, mr bungle, smashing pumpkins, bob dylan, bush, boxcar racer, googoo dolls, horrorpops, nekromantics, meteor, Tiger Army, HIM, misfits, thrice, green day, mr big, hootie and the blowfish, Bob marley, sublime, evanecense, lifehouse, OkGo, gin blossoms, story of the year, local bands, silverchair, bad religion, allamerican rejects, bifnaked, Methods, saves the day, usher, sanne lambert trio, alicja, offspring, matchbook romance, billy joel, modest mouse, black halos, billy talent, cinderella, alanis morsiette, angels and airwaves, She Wants Revenge, Armchair Cynics, new found glory, nirvana, our lady peace, tdg, ramoes, sinatra,franz ferdinan, garbage, taking back sunday, yellowcard, and many more<;3

Some of my Dislikes:
.stupid ANYthing.
.red food.
.dead animals.
.anything overrated.

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