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38 Years old

Single and Happy

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Jan 21 2009 - 8:22AM
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Feb 11 2005 - 10:04AM
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Vancouver has been my hometown but I have been traveling all over the globe because of my work. I have experienced cultures, foods and people some of which I am sure no one has even heard of before. I am highly social. I like to start at sundown, party all night and then finish at sunrise at the beach just to chill out for a while and then do it over again. I would much prefer to host a party and have a good laugh with smaller group of friends polishing some fine wine bottles rather than shooting back whatever is on special and screaming at a strangerís ears 2 in the morning. I am educated, professionally employed. I can also see through people easily and I donít have any time for people whose lives are centered on pesos/Bling Bling. I do read a lot and I believe there is a lot of good literature that has not yet been translated or understood. I do like the outdoors and natural beauty. I do believe that its a shame that Canada is the 2nd largest waste producing nation in the world and I would like to do a lot more in my spare time as far volunteering and making a difference etc. But I am a human being and I do fall prey to my other interests such as skydiving, mountain climbing, rappelling etc. I am mature, open minded, laid back, witty, intelligent and I seek the same.

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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