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31 Years old

Hooked up and Happy

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Jan 25 2007 - 5:52PM
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Feb 17 2005 - 10:59AM
BeAnEr*vs*BeAnEr Says:
Well... Im back! lol.......Just cos i can!!! See how lame this site is now! 19.....and i prolly dont like you!!!!
Uhm... I have a boyfriend hes totally spiffy!!!! annnnnnnnd. yup thats about it.......... lol message me if u wanna kno more!!! oh and btw.. im annoying.. dont like it.. suck it up!! cos i dont like you anyways.. i only like very few selected people on this site.....

Oh and i dont like this pansy ass *im better that you.. you are annoying* bullshit.. grow the fuck up and realize that it is the internet.. dont like how i am... dont talk to me.... ignore me then.. i really dont give a fuck.. as for you asscheese people... dont look at my profile.. i dont need fuckin creepers kthnx..

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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