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51 Years old

Single and Happy

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jonathan4 Says:
Single male 37, never been married and no kids, looking to meet other guys or women for friendship only, age not important. Just looking for friends to hang and have fun or what ever.
I am just a regular guy, looking to meet cool people to hang out with, go for coffee or a beer.

Things I like to do are:
Camping (rural locations) normally I go up to Harrison Lake between 43-56 km to camp.
4wheeling (back country roads and logging roads)
Playing cards (as long as I know the rules)
Listening to music (R&B, Jazz, classic rock from 50x to current, alternative)
Watching hockey
Going to the beach
Going for trips to nowhere important other than see where the road goes.
Snowball fights.
Sci-Fi, comedy, horror, and drama shows/movies
Going for dinner or a coffee or a beer.

If you’re interested hit me with a message at

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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